For brands, animators, and filmmakers
Abin is a seasoned music producer, composer, and audio engineer with over 8 years of experience in the industry. Abin's client portfolio includes globally recognized brands like Coca-Cola, BBC, Samsung, and WHO, showcasing his expertise in music production and audio engineering.
With a solid foundation in music theory, audio production, multimedia, and marketing, Abin brings a unique blend of skills to his work. Abin's musical compositions, which have garnered over 100 million views across platforms, prioritize innovative and emotional approaches to enhance storytelling through music.
As the creator and executive producer of Miyani Sessions, Abin has established a platform dedicated to celebrating musical talent and fostering creative collaboration. Through Miyani Sessions, he continually pushes boundaries, showcasing emerging artists from across the country.
Abin's leadership extends beyond Miyani Sessions, as he has effectively helmed projects like Jatayu Records, ARNA Studios, and B&T Sessions, showcasing his adeptness at leading projects and guiding creative teams.